October 03, 2005

Oh this is just too funny (warning, idiot ahead)

I spotted this on a friend of a friend's livejournal. In the last ep of House that aired on American TV (I'll put the event in white as it's spoilery) Jesse Spencer's character kissed the character of a female 9 year old cancer patient.

It was a controversial scene but it sat well with the ep so I let it by. Some people complained as is there want but then there's this guy over at IMDB who, just for fun, decided to try and make the scene criminal.

Let's just ignore the fact that the act itself was cleverly filmed so that nothing untoward took place (the camera cuts at a vital point) or that it's all acting anyway or that FOX has it's own army of lawyers to prevent the FOX network from getting in trouble and let's just try and get people arrested. I might pass this story onto Dave at Blogography and see if he can't do anything about the idiot on the message board (maiming might be a start). :P

House, idiot