October 18, 2005

Veronica Mars 2x01

And my thoughts are below (highlight to read, quickest way is to press CTRL-A, or apple-key and A if you're using a MAC):

  • Can they BE anymore harsh to Logan? I mean yeah, if the guy is blowing stuff up then he's an arse but that still doesn't justify the hell they're putting him through. I don't really see Veronica dumping him so quickly either, I'm sure she'd have tried to help him work through it. Or maybe it was more a passion thing with them. Whatever it is, it's a raw deal for the character.

  • Huh? Veronica and Duncan AGAIN? I'm not sure how this is gonna pan out but whatever happens, I can see it's gonna be fun.

  • I'm glad that Veronica and Weevil kinda made it up - so who did kill Felix? And somehow, why don't I really care? I want to know who's trying to usurp Weevil from his position though - deep down he's a good bloke, it's very deep down though.

  • You can't kill off a whole busload of students. Granted there weren't that many on the bus, just the newspaper/journalism people, but still! However, it means there are now questions. Did blondie know the bus was gonna crash when he organised a limo? What made the bus crash? What do we know about the driver? Who in Neptune did he have contacts with?

So far S2 is shaping up to be as good as S1, which is good as I've got lots of free time and so need good teevee to fill it!

On a different note, work today was okay, I'd got all worked up over it but it's turning out ok. Dad's getting stronger and has now been officially listed as having dementia so that's something we can refer to in the future.

Now I just need to wander to the post box, excuse me!