October 03, 2005

*yawn* Window shopping makes me tired

I spent too long on the PC last night, which was my Mum's fault really. :P Well, she did ask me to buy her a DVD from then 'net and that got me thinking if I couldn't get her to treat me so I went window shopping but I couldn't really find any DVD's I'm dying to buy right now. There's some in the future, Quantum Leap S2 and the next Criminal Intent and SVU boxsets but they're not out for a while and I'm gonna wait until they come down in price anyway (if i can resist). But now after all that I'm tired as I only slept for 5 and a half hours because my alarm clock woke me up at 7am. So I watched SVU then went about my business which in bullet form went something like this:-

  • Spent time on the 'net

  • Trip to Northallerton to get an ID card made for work

  • Shopping in Northallerton - I treated myself to the first part of the Official Star Wars Figurine Collection so I now have a lead Darth Vader on top of my monitor. Nothing says 'geek' more does it? :P

  • Home for more SVU

  • Trip to Tescos

  • Tea and SVU

  • Phone calls to and from family and friends

  • Now

Not a thrilling day but busy. More SVU or similar then bed. Oh crap, I need to make sandwiches for work tomorrow, must do that!

Law and Order: SVU, Star Wars Figurine