November 03, 2005

And I thought I didn't have the enthusiasm to blog today

Things are mixed up right now.


Had a meeting today involving myself, a psychatrist, a social services worker and a senior nurse from Hull Royal. Meeting was productive and many ideas for my Dad's future were discussed. Which is good. Something is going to be put in place for when he leaves the hospital. Which is good.

What's not good is:

  • He may be leaving the hospital and going straight into a care-home of some sort

  • I have been told to speak to my brother about things first as he is, technically, the next of kin. However, seeing as I haven't spoken to Paul in months and last time I did he left me 23 seconds worth of psychotic abuse on my answer-phone, I'm REALLY not looking forward to it. He rang Mum on Wednesday night and gave her abuse for not keeping him informed re Dad's condition/status (he'd found out from Granddad). However, last time Paul and Mum spoke he gave her abuse too so it's understandable she didn't want to ring him. I HAD written him a letter BUT he said he'd never recieved it. HOWEVER he has moved house at some point in the recent past (and never given anyone the address/phone number). So it's not my fault. I sent it to his (now old address). Basically, when I do get in touch with Paul (this weekend probably) I'm gonna have to try and discourage him from taking over (which he will want to do) and I'll have to remember to NOT mention anything about money or finances as he WILL want to take some. It would've been so much easier right now if I'd've been an only child.


Before you start, I am aware that's not how you spell TV, however, it's how I spell it on my blog so it'll do. :P. House 2x04 was great fun. Lots of REALLY good lines, Cameron looked gorgeous (but whined a lot, however, she smiled lots too so it balanced out, she's stil too skinny though) and just good detective/doctor/medical fun type stuff.

Am currently back into watching X-Files. Am now on S8. Last few eps of S7 were a bit pants but still fun to watch (and the season finale was ok).

Everything else

Not much else to report really. Am on a course tomorrow as part of my job, am not looking forward to it but I'm sure I'll survive. Plus there should be the same really good looking lady there who was there last time, so I'll will the world to put me with her if we (inevitably) do group work.

I'm not reading a novel at the moment - I need to start one. Bonnie: You're gonna hate me but I haven't started Grave Matters yet - I might read that next actually. :) There's too many books and not enough time, that's what I say. If only TV hadn't been invented....

Amy: You haven't updated for a while - what's the latest in Amy-land? Hope it's going well.

Everyone else: Hello!