November 28, 2005

*Bounces up and down shouting out "YEAH!!!"* Due South on DVD

Fantastic!!! I know I'm behind the times on this news (a month behind according to William and Elyse's due South Page) but Due South Series 1 IS coming to R2 on January 30th 2006. I KNEW there was something to look forward to. Pre-order it at or or a shop of your choice.

And it includes the pilot episode (according to Network DVD who are releasing the set). So double yay! The price is VERY steep though (Play has it for £48 and Amazon for £52). Lets hope I've got a job of some sort by then so I can afford it!

On an unrelated note:

Dru: It's alright, I've got the perfect thing to stop a maurading gas tank. A lighter! :P