November 20, 2005

Derailed - Book into a film (and I read the book)

I just found this out today.

Way back in August I posted that I'd just started reading "Derailed" by James Siegel.. Well, thanks to Yahoo Movies I've found out that they've made it into a film (though you could've guessed that from the title of this post). Even better, after checking the film's IMDB page the guy who wrote the screenplay, Stuart Beattie wrote the story for Pirates of the Caribbean and he wrote Collateral. So whilst I haven't got amazingly high hopes for this film (it'll probably be a generic thriller thing) I'm looking forward to it. Which is a good thing as I haven't looked forward to a film in ages...

Right, back to X-Files, the Truth Part 2.

Part 1 was kinda a let-down but I did expect it to be.