November 01, 2005

Insert clever title here

Today was mucho fun (well, kinda)

I'm now working on 6 cases plus an access to files. That's a lot for a part-timer. So work is keeping me plenty busy. I'm going back and forth between Hartlepool and Bedale tomorrow, good job I get petrol expenses! It's slightly annoying as, because I'd originally planned to go on Thursday but had to re-arrange for personal reason, I'm having to go tomorrow afternoon. That's a problem as I'd planned to go to my first Al-Anon meeting in York. But I may not make it in time. I'll have to see if it's on again next week, I suppose so.

There's something happening with my Dad on Thursday (the reason why I had to re-arrange the above). I'm seeing a psychatrist with my Dad. Hopefully this will give Social Services something to fall back on if the shrink agrees that Dad's mental faculties have gone, which surely he'll have to do. I'll keep you all updated.

What else is new? I finally got paid! Woo! Though I'm not sure if it's from September 20th or from October 1st, I'll have to get clarification on that tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has commented through all of this, it's really been appreciated. I honestly do want to get to know everyone on my friends list (you're there for a reason you know) and, eventually someday, meet each one of you. That was my plan for this year but wow has the year gone fast (though, obviously, it's technically gone at the same speed as every other year but I'm going to ignore that).

Oh, and I spotted a book available through the book club at work today and it's REALLY going on my Christmas list:

Man Walks into a Bar: The Ultimate Collection of Jokes and One-liners. I skimmed through it at work and really enjoyed it.

And if you're looking at my "Current Music" and thinking, who are Flanders and Swann - then please, I implore you, ask me about them or check out Flanders and Swann online. A 'revue' duo who I've been a fan of since I was about 11 or 12. I LOVE their silly songs and banter and, because of the era they were recording in, they didn't produce that many recordings which is a great shame.

And I'll finish with squeeage - Squeee! House is aired in the US today, I'll (hopefully) be able to watch it tomorrow! Squeeee *claps and bounces like the fanboy I am*.