November 28, 2005

Look at me with all the posts today...

Sorry to overwhelm people with posts, I just seem to be in a posting mood today. There's one more coming and then I think that'll be it.

This one will be a quick one:-

DRU: I got your e-mail, will reply forthwith.
DAVE2: It's true, Amazon's stock does seem deficient in this regard. But, if it DID sell world peace, how much should it charge for it? And whilst shopping online for pets seems like a good idea in theory they might get a little hurt by the postal system (and I think hurt here is an understatement).
AMY: I'm alright Amy, a little behind in my "To-Do" list today but there's still time left in the day so I'm happy enough. I'm full of anxiety at the moment and it just won't go away, but I'm managing to perform just as normal.

Cool :)

Right, got a few more photos to add then I'll be done.