November 28, 2005

More photos

You know, I'm really getting into using my phone as a digital camera, especially as it connects to the PC via USB so easily (now I've got it working). So enjoy the picspam below (click on the pics for larger versions):

27 piece Kit Kat variety pack
Yum - my treat from Netto today, and they were only £1.99 (Netto doesn't charge the on-pack price! :D)
Outside BBC Broadcast Unit at York Minster
Spotted outside York Minster today, I wonder what they were there for?
Another view of the Outside Broadcast Unit at York Minster
Just another view of the OB unit from the BBC. That could be the trailer of a famous person - I wonder who?!?!
Gas tank behind my block of flats
And just because I want to - this is my block of flats but the reason I took the photo is look at the gas storage thing behind the apartment block. It's HUGE!!!!!!! (And man, was that old bloke going some!!) Posted by Picasa

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