November 20, 2005

More TV ramblings

Well, the last 2 eps of X-Files were kind of...erm....crap. There was some conspiracy etc but it just seemed that everyone couldn't be bothered. I mean, think back to episodes like "One Breath", "Paperclip" and "Colony" - there was pacing, excitement etc. There was hardly any of that in these last two episodes, and it left the series on kind of a bum note. Still, it's done now, I've seen all 202 X-Files Eps so bow down to my ultimate geekary all. Go on...bow! :P :P :P

In other news, I was browsing and came across the following on the House Episode Guide:-

How can people have voted on the episode before it's been aired?????

I'm confused.

And obviously so are other people.