November 13, 2005

Uber post (well, kinda)

So, a lots happened recently. Nothing too exciting but still.....


As mentioned in a previous entry, he's going in a home tomorrow. Don't know how long for. It all depends on whether he likes the place and settles in or not. Hopefully he will be ok there but there are other places if he chooses. However, it's not free - it's costing £80 a week to start off with, and he's still paying rent for his flat because it's got a LOT of his stuff in there and if he doesn't settle in a home he could, possibly, end up back there. I'm just having to sit and wait. A friend asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas and honestly, all I really want is for my Dad to be settled.

I've also got to decided what to do with Dad's car. I think I'm going to end up with it as it seems the logical choice. There are time limits though:

My Car
Tax runs out end of Dec
Insurance due in Feb
MOT due end of Dec
13 years old and looks it

Dad's Car
Tax runs out end of Dec
Insurace due in Jan
7 years old - Citeroen Xsara Temptation

So, because my car is older and just not as good everyone is saying I should take Dad's, rather than renewing my tax etc. I'm still debating it, especially as, if I DO take Dad's car, what do I do with mine?

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be visiting the home sometime in the afternoon/evening and taking Dad a load of clothes and stuff to help him settle in. Then Tuesday it's back to work. Oh joy!


Work's going ok, I'm still enjoying it. I have made a mistake though - I forgot to ring a school last week to inform them that one of their children will only be having a half-day on Tuesday as they've an appointment somewhere. I was meant to ring on Thurs/Friday but I forgot. Shit. Still, I'll ring tomorrow and see if it's ok. It should be. I hope.

Otherwise it's ok. I can't shake my low self-esteem where work is concerned, I'm always thinking I'm doing things wrong. It's annoying!

Life in general

Met up with my friends from Driff on Thursday night and last night. Had a good laugh, really enjoyed myself. And, I've found out that if I spend most of the not drinking Smirnoff Ice/WKD then I don't get a hangover! Score! What more could a person want? We toured York Uni last night and by gods it was cheap, can't complain about that either.

I've bought two tickets for the Black Swan Folk Club on December 15th when the John Wright Band
are playing, something I mentioned back on October 1st.


Just checking John Wright's website to get the link to put above and they've updated it to included news of a John Wright DVD with over 2 hours of live music! I MUST, MUST have this for Christmas. So scratch what I said above there are now 2 things I want for Christmas:

  • Dad to settle somewhere and be happy

  • The John Wright Band DVD

Santa - I don't know if you read blogs/journals but if you do can you comment below to let me know you're gonna provide me with this DVD? Thanks!


I've upgraded to a slightly newer mobile phone. I used to have a SonyEricsson T630 but I've now got a SonyEricsson V600i. It's a smart phone, the only gripe I've got with it so far is that they've naffed up the phone book. Instead of having one entry for all a person's numbers (and having little icons for each number so a little house for home number, a moby for mobile etc.) you've now got to have a seperate entry for each number and make sure you text/call the right one. It's a step backwards I'm telling you.

Right, I need something to eat then I'm gonna make a last minute dash to Netto. Bye for now!

[Listening to: River Run - John Wright Band - Pages Turning (4:14)]