December 07, 2005

Bored of titles now

Today went quite well. Was busy in work but got a lot done, and had a laugh. Made progress with one family, discovered something from another family and have got a list of things to look at tomorrow from another family. I'm actually going to miss this job when I leave.

In other news, N. might be coming up from Nottingham to stay before Christmas. Should be fun! :D

I'm behind SO much on my TV. Haven't watched an ep of CSI/WaT/CM for ages.

I have however wrapped and packaged Bonnie's Christmas present. However, because she says it's ok to do so, it's going surface mail to save on postage. Should arrive sometime LOL

I've actually been able to speak to Bonnie as she's been away for a while, it's great to have you back Bonnie! :D

Nothing much else to report really. Left my sandwich tub at work today, so am gonna have to take some in loose tomorrow.

Oh, and I gave my Sinclair Spectrum +2 away to someone on the York Freecycling group today. Looking back on it I could have sold it but would the hassle have been worth the £20 I might have got for it? This way I made someone happy for free! How good is that eh?

And I'll finish by saying that I sent some nice ladies messages via but none got back to me. Obviously they are all silly people. That's the only explanation. Must be.