December 12, 2005

Not such a bad day today

Well, my car passed it's MOT. The body-filler looks...alright. I could do with putting another layer on. And painting it. But it doesn't look too bad. At least it passed anyway.

I need to sort out car tax this week, both mine and my Dad's (will do mine on Friday and Dad's on Saturday I think).

Oh, it's John Wright at the Black Swan on Thursday. *bounces* I'm really looking forward to having a pint and singing along to all my favourite songs. Also, if I'm nice to my dearest Mummy she may, MAY, get me the John Wright DVD. :P

Actually, talking about my Mum, I found out today that she'd never, I repeat, NEVER, had a Subway sandwhich. So we're going to rectify that.

Oh, I watched WaT 4x09 (finally). It was good. Not brilliant, but good.

Spoiler though:

You can tell something's going to be sad when Coldplay starts playing, LOL.

Poor Jack.

Right, I'm going to send my Mum an e-mail, then climb into bed and read some more of Michael Connelly's "The Poet"