December 14, 2005

On watching Without A Trace 4x10


Letter to writers:

Dear Sirs,

Leave Jack alone. M'kay? Last episode you killed friend of his that he'd know for 11 years. This episode you kill off his Dad (who suffered from dementia). The guy is already alone, doesn't see his kids, and is just having it very hard at the moment. I like Jack, he's a good guy. And you're being REALLY mean to him. So leave him alone before I come round there and beat you to death with the the latest Without A Trace script. Got it?




On a related note, because of the stuff with Jack's Dad, this episode had me bawling my eyes out like a baby.

Bang goes my macho image.

I think it's because I'm having to go through to Cottingham tomorrow to see my Dad and take him Christmas shopping. Because he is unable to go Christmas shopping independently any more. And WaT touched on this and made me cry.

Poor Jack.

*Applies for job at FBI*