December 21, 2005

The twonks!

As part of my Christmas present from my Dad to me (that he doesn't know about as he's probably forgotten by now) I ordered Dark Angel complete Series 1 from HMV for £17.99 (which was the price it was when I ordered it).

Recieved the package today and they've sent me Season 2.

The twonks!

I rang HMV customer service and after being kept waiting for 5 minutes (not too bad with a speakerphone) I spoke to a very nice lady (Penny) who said that S1 was out of stock but I could send my item to a freepost returns address and I'd recieve S1 as soon as it came back in stock.

So I'm now proceeding to do that as I only want S1, after all I've heard, I'm not gonna touch S2 with a bargepole. Well, not until I've watched S1 again. :P