December 31, 2005

"Utopia is only utpoia, if you're willing to wait"

This comic shows exactly why I love the CTRL-ALT-DEL comic strip. It doesn't just apply to Dragonquest, pretty much all RPGs have similar rules and methods of playing that, when put into real life terms, seem bizaree. But that's computer games for you!

In other news, I watched The Recruit yesterday and loved it. The pace was frantic, the plot kinda twisted and clever, the actors and actresses were good to look at and the special effects weren't too over the top. However, it relied a lot on characters using a computer and not once, NOT ONCE, did any of the characters click a mouse. And that bugs me. Because I'm a geek, it bugs me. Lazy hollywood writing.

And I've still got my cold, and I still feel like crap. Guess I'm staying in tonight. :-(

Lyric used in subject is from Biscuit Boy's Last Day Blues