January 04, 2006

Search phrases leading here...bad news for xbox 360

Just passing a minute by looking through my search logs and I see the following:-

Search Engine google.com
Search Words troubles with xbox 360

Seems like there's someone with troubles out there eh?

And for that search, I'm 6th! Cool eh? :D

Oh oh, there's another one:

Search Engine google.com
Search Words xbox 360 troubles

How do I know it's not the same guy? Different day, different browser, different ISP, different screen resoultion and different area of America.

There are some good things leading here though, some people have found me by searching Yahoo.com for Poppy Montgomery pictures. And it's a reassurance that I was able to help someone find the POTCII trailer. Most exciting to me is the fact that I've had a visitor from the BBC! :D He found me through the Technorati tag for 2006 Resolutions and considering I'm hidden away on page 3 of that list the person visiting had to be either really bored or desperate for information! LOL But welcome whoever you are. Even if you only stayed for 32 seconds.