February 14, 2006

26 Minutes

Every week day morning I get and have to wait for an emergancy phone call from Teaching Personnel. Usually they go like this:

Scene: My bedroom + landing, 8:10 am on a week day morning:

THEM: Morning Gledster. You available for work today?
ME (groggily): Yeah, I am.
THEM: That's great. Can you teach in a Year X class in XXXXXX?
ME (still in my dressing gown): Yeah, I can't see why not.
THEM: Okay, we'll update your diary. The class is xxxxxxxxxxx and it's got a fantastic TA who will be able to help you. What time do you think you'll be able to get there?
ME (panicking): UM, say 8:40 to 8:50?
THEM: Okay, that's brilliant, I'll let them know. Have a good day!

Anyway, that's how they usually go. However, I have an unwritten rule that if they haven't called by 9 then I have a day off! Woohooo! So today I've got 26 minutes to go.

Bet they call though. :(