February 07, 2006

Opera 9.0 TP2 is out

"Opera 9.0 TP 2 supports bit torrent, widgets, and the ability to block content (similar to firefox ad-block), better css support, and many more..."

Okay people, now is the day to celebrate. Opera Technical Preview 2 is out. I've installed it without any trouble at all (in a seperate directory from my 8.51 install just to be safe) and am enjoying it's new features.

Which ones am I enjoying so far? How about:

  • Yahoo Mail works perfectly again, including the menu for changing the views of which e-mails you'd like to see.

  • Gmail works without any trouble at all.

  • There are loads of preferences and configurables that have been moved from .ini files to the program proper. In a very Firefox type way if you type opera:config into the address bar you get to a big list of configurable options.

  • The content blocker works a treat. If there's a flashy and annoying advert bothering you on a webpage just right-click anywhere on the page then, when the page changes to just the things Opera can block, click on the thing that's bugging you. It's easy to use and works a charm. Already Ebay and Yahoo mail are looking much cleaner for me.

  • It's only 4mb in size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a download that's just about manageable on dial-up. How good is that?

I'm sure there's other stuff but for now that's just my initial reaction to the latest build of Opera. Bring on the final version! :D

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