February 25, 2006

Road Trip!

I've got to go to bed now because I've been giving a very important mission, should I choose to accept it (and I did). Tomorrow I have to be up and away by 7:30am as I have to complete this journey:


Yes you read that link right folks, I'm off to Stansted Internation Airport in Essex.

From York.

A trip of 182 miles.


To collect my cousins wife as she flies in from Germany.

Because he's at work.

So I leave York to go to Stansted to return to Boroughbridge and then to York. I'm going to be in the car all day. Still, after working for Social Services I'm used to that!

And I like driving so I should be cool.

But up before 7am on a Sunday? That's just wrong.

Anyway, I've got a road trip tomorrow. An unexpected road trip.

So I must sleep.