March 05, 2006

Envirofone - make money from your old mobile phone

Okay, everyone needs to visit the following site:

It's a site that gives YOU money (and in the case of newer phones, a fair amount of money) for trading in your old phone provided it:

1) Works

2) Is SIM free

3) Isn't excessively damaged.

If you've got extras such as chargers etc then they can be sent to the company too.

What happens is that you register and within a few days Envirofone sends you and E-Card, as well as pre-paid packets for returning your phone to them. The site is partnered with Argos and the principle is that you trade in your phone and you can accrue points, cash or Argos points (which are loaded onto the E-Card and can be swiped in Argos shops). It seems legit to me, both myself and my housemate have registered and I'll let you know how it goes.

EDIT: I forgot to mention how the site also donates to charity everytime you send in a mobile phone. So they reward you for sending in your old phone and then reward a charity too!!! Even MORE reason to use the site.

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