March 05, 2007

I clearly suck

I'm listening to: the whirr of my computer fans.

Wow, I suck at daily updating. It's not that I'm socially very busy, I rarely have been, but because I'm actually very busy. On my plate right now is:

  • Moving my Dad's possesions out of his ex-partner's house.
  • Storing said possesions
  • Finding a new home for said possesions (record shops etc)
  • Finding a new housemate/place to live
  • Sorting insurance for my flat
  • Normal 'life chores' (food shopping, tidying, cleaning etc)
  • Work

For today I seem to have abandoned 1 & 2 and with good reason, it was stressing me out yesterday. I was in tears when I woke up and crying when I got home, so giving up and relaxing seems good to me. I need to send round e-mails as I can't store this stuff permenantly, especially if I'm moving flat every year.

I long for some stability in my life.

And someone to do my jobs for me whilst I read more.