July 29, 2007


Comment Catch Up:

Okay, so Anna posted on my 16th entry about female Gynacologists (I don't know why I capitalise that), with a very interesting point of view. I always assumed female gyn would be gentler. Shows what I know (being a bloke and all).

Seems a couple of people are having trouble with the picture I posted in my 17th entry, keep thinking people. I'll post a clue in my next entry! That's aimed at Jelle mainly as I know Glo_Paint has gone to bed for the moment. Yes, it's a man. Bigger clue coming soon!

Also, Derek dropped by on my 18th entry after he'd posted a laser keyboard that I liked the look of. Hi there Derek. Have a look at the pic in entry 17 and see if you can crack it!

And the Imperfect_Christian wants to be able to post on her mobile. Maybe one day? :)

You all know about the 'troll'.

Meanwhile, in the LJ copy of this blogathon:

Dubnordie has found my Weird Al Videos useful.
Kat's not very impressed by the troll
Babooshka hasn't been put off by the pics of Britney I linked to. #

Impressive guys and gals. If we keep this up we can keep each other entertained and awake! :D

Next post: That favourite film of mine I promised you ages ago!