July 29, 2007

37/49 Replying to comments

Oh, there's a few here:

  • Imperfect Christian: Sorry I don't look rough yet. It's hitting me though, I'm developing a cold that I don't want, and my bones feel heavy.

  • Yoshi: Thanks for the congrats. I just entered on the offchance. :D Whee! :D

  • Jelle: I know what you mean. I'm happy it's nearly over but i'm anxious about a few things:

    • I'm worried I won't finish
    • I'm worried I won't sleep
    • I'm worried I won't be able to work tomorrow night.

  • Jayne: Thanks for the boost Jayne! Welcome back to the world. I'm assuming you've slept some?

  • Alanna: Sorry I didn't find your blog sooner, there's just so many! Thanks so much, and good luck with everything! Let's keep each other going now!

  • Renee: Again, thanks for the encouragement!

  • Jelle: Good guessing with the mystery pic in entry 32.

And from the land of LJ:

Anita_Coffee: Good thinking but it's not Janel Maloney.

Ok, here's the pic once more, this time with clues:

I want to know the identity of this woman, the same identity she's had since the day she was born.

Does that help?

Thanks for all your comments! :D Keeping me going here! :D