July 29, 2007

Blogathon Entry 2 :)

Hey post 2,

Wow there's so much to do so far. I'm chatting to people over MSN, trying to follow the IRC room (impossible) and i want to catch up with the 'A' schedule peeps. Also, I want to listen to some Blogathon themed radio and check my e-mails. Then tidy my room. Oh, and shower. :P

Busy Busy Busy.

Also, I never know what to do about comments on this blog, whether to reply in the comments box (which you might never see) or I can reply here on the blog. I'll reply here, that way people should see them, I'll also probably comment you back. :)

Firstly, thanks to Anna from You can heal from sexual abuse for dropping by, another 'B' Schedule person. Hopefully we'll stick through this together.

Also, thanks to Beth who will be my monitor for the day.

Don't forget, if you want I'm on the Blogathon IRC channel and on IM, just comment me to find out which IM screen-names I use.

Good luck all (no webcam shot for this entry, ran out of time, will edit).