July 29, 2007

Blogathon Entry 7

Wow, time's flying. Bet it drags towards the end of the day but it's going well now.

Anyway, replies to comments:

Anna: I think you got it too didn't you? Love the sarcasm. :P Next time I'll leave the quiz open a little longer.

Sarah R L Boese: I don't usually like it when celebs get political, I think this one was just an off-hand comment though, which I bet they were kicking themselves about for ages afterwards!

And from my LJ copy of this 'thon:

alithonblog: Yus, 30 mins isn't that long. This entry SHOULD be bang on time though.

I've changed the way comments work here, I don't have to approve them for the moment (this blog is too low key to recieve comment junk) and no captcha either! :) So Yay!

Also, thanks to my lovely moderator Beth for letting me post my last entry early so I could grab a shower. Which has resulted in the picture you will see below. :)

Anyway, new webcam shot and that's it for this entry:

Me, showered, clean, looking tired, hungry and SCARY :O. I'm not scary, honest!

Gah, I'm gonna have to stop listen to MPYR radio, it's stalling all the time. :(