July 29, 2007

Entry 11 - why I'm helping the NSPCC

I love the humour that blogathon people have. Ceemage has commented on the current quiz photo

His comment?

Hmm.. assuming the white bit at the top is meant to be teeth, looks like a muppet version of Julia Roberts.

Which, when you think about it, is actually a pretty scary thought.


So far there's a possible winner, I'm not saying who's comment it is though! :)

Anyway, it's post 11/49. I think I'd better answer WHY I'm blogging for the NSPCC .

I had a difficult childhood. I won't go into all the details here as my family wouldn't want our history shared with people, suffice to say it was NOT a happy home. I'm only just starting to come to terms with it and I've been very affected by it, especially when it comes to how I respond to and treat people.

Because of this, when I say a job opening for a Family Support Worker with Social Services in 2005 I went for it. And didn't get it. Instead, the Manager created a special, 3-month, part-time post for me because he is made of awesome. During my time with Social Services I worked with some tough cases. I met a lot of GREAT people who worked amazingly hard to help children and families in difficult circumstances.

The worst case I can remember was Ms. X. Ms X was badly sexually abused as a girl. She grew up but had a habit of getting with the wrong men. She gave birth to three kids. Whilst caring for them she met Mr Y. Mr Y was a repeat sexual offender who was just that final piece of evidence away from going to prison. He repeatedly abused Ms X's kids, from when they were 4 years old and up. He raped them, sodomised them and basically did all he could to treat them like nothing. Social Services worked with NSPCC and other agencies, especially the police, to build a water-tight case to put Mr Y away. Ms X did try to help her children but he beat her into submission. Mr Y went to prison. Just as I was leaving Social Services in Dec 05, he was on the way to being released (this was an old case but Social Services were still involved) and I know that the team kept as close an eye on him as they could, with all the help from other agencies that they could muster.

This cannot and SHOULD not be allowed to happen. Local councils are short of money, Social Services NEVER has enough staff and there are NEVER enough hours in the day to do everything that needs doing. The NSPCC and other agencies help a HUGE amount. That's why I'm raising money for them.

Oh, and hourly webcam pic:

Me with a Baskin and Robbin's spoon that I recieved for going on a training course through work.