July 27, 2007

Friday Five Questions:

From The Friday Five:

  1. What item would you be embarrassed for people to know you own?

  2. Honestly? Some of the DVDs in my collection. I won't mention which ones and why. ;)

  3. What is something you splurged on just for you?

  4. Erm.......My Xbox (yes, I'm a geek! :P)

  5. What is something that you own with no real world value that is priceless to you?

  6. My Winnie The Pooh teddy bear, that was made by someone in my family I just don't know who.

    Winnie The Pooh Teddy Bear

  7. Do you collect anything?

  8. DVDs, Private Eye Magazines, dust. :P

  9. What item belonging to a friend/family member do you covet?

  10. My housemate's home entertainment centre setup.

From Friday Fiver UK

  1. What job did you want to do when you were a kid?

  2. IT Tech support.

  3. What was your first job?

  4. Paid? Paper-round
    Unpaid? Assiting my Dad with IT tech support queries.

  5. What's the most naughty thing you've ever done at work?

  6. I really can't think, I'm a good boy. I bend the rules all the time at VUE: reducing the price of tickets for any inconvince the customer experienced (even if it's a daft reason and not VUE's fault); I've insulted a couple of customers, once in front of my manager (I just felt like it :P); I pinced some stuff from magazine covers at Menzies. Can't think of anything too bad though.

  7. Friday fill in: The job I think sums up being British is _________ because ________

  8. The job I think sums up being British is customer service because you get to help people queue, and we're good at that here!

  9. If you could do any job you wanted and you didn't have to worry about pay or anything, what would it be and why?

  10. Entertainer/Folk Musician. I love entertaining people, making people smile, it's a good feeling.