April 01, 2012

Writing every day

Ok, so I'm trying to stimulate the writing/creative parts of my brain by writing SOMETHING every day. It might be general blog-waffle about me, or it might be something creative and awesome. Yesterday's entry falls into the "Creative and Awesome" side of things. Wait a minute, did you say "Yesterday's Entry?" Why yes I did, I wrote it yesterday but could not post it yesterday due to work commitments. So I'm posting it today and back-dating, cause we have that technology now! :)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my poem on Nerves:

I did write this on the 1st April, but couldn't upload it because I had to go to work! Doh!

It's a random poem about nerves (which, I'm guessing, is semi-autobiographical):

(C) Gledster.blogpspot.com 2012.


Nerves help you be prepared.

Nerves make you jump.

Nerves make you feel sick.

Nerves can make you slump.

Anxiety focuses your mind on the important things.

Anxiety gives you butterflies.

Anxiety can stop your sleep.

Anxiety can make you slump.

Butterflies are nice in nature,

Flying on the plants

Butterflies are awful in your stomach,

Worse than the Ants In Your Pants.

Not everybody suffers from nerves

Not everybody feels bad

For those who don’t, you’re lucky

If I didn’t I’d be glad.




Such simple things that can ruin such a lovely day.

I wish these simple things would go away.