June 12, 2012

Brief Post: Public Service cuts: Passport control

Ok, so we all know that the Tory government in the UK is making some pretty savage cuts on the basis that "Labour left us in debt". Whilst that may have been the case when the coalition was formed, I don't think they can continue using that excuse.

Anyway, recent arguments on Radio 4 (amongst other places) have focussed on Passport control and how it's going to get swamped and not be able to cope at peak periods. Cue government ministers swooping in and saying "No, the system is built around flexibility and we can draft staff in from elsewhere to cope with demand. There is no problem." Otherwise known as the Ostritch argument.

You might well have believed that (if you were an idiot) and gone on with your life.

Except of course, the government was lying and, thanks to Twitter, we actually have photograph proof. Twitter user @Amandagore posted two updates which I'll reproduce for you below (because I'm awesome like that). Links are https://twitter.com/amandagore/status/212315087099269122 and https://twitter.com/amandagore/status/212319151027519488.

Yeah, everything's working just fine Tories, keep doing what you're doing. *Sigh*