November 27, 2004


Before I left for work I left Without A Trace downloading, looking forward to watching it upon my return. Despite the fact that it was a rather good night at work, with two and a half hours overtime, I still wanted to watch Without A Trace. So I get home, walk upstairs and check my modem, my first indication that something is wrong, only 2 lights are on. I check my housemate's door and there's a note saying they are in, asleep and don't want to be disturbed.

So I know what happened:

1) Adam turns up (him and Hazel occasionally spend time here, ususally they're at Hazel's house).

2) Adam turns his computer on.

3) Adam goes on the internet - his BT modem automatically boots mine off the line, I don't know why it takes priority over mine but it does.

4) Adam IGNORES everything I've said to him about why I leave my computer on (Which I've said repeatedly) and goes to bed.

The upshot is - I don't have Without A Trace. Heck, it had only progressed by 2%. Not only that but my computer has been on, wasting electricity, for 5 hours 45 minutes doing nothing beause my housemate ignored my instructions. AGAIN.

For crying out bloody loud, how annoying and stupid can people get. He's still leaving his bedroom window open when he goes out, despite me and Dave pointing out that it's bloody November, freezing cold and of course, what does Adam do when he and Hazel turn up? "Oh, it's cold in here, I'll put the fire on." So opening the window makes the house cold and ultimately costs money.

Damn the guy is an idiot. And he honestly thinks he's better than me all because he knows more important people, and he's found someone he's engaged to (he's made comments to Dave to that efect). So grrrr. I'm off to bed.