March 06, 2005


Dave over at Blogography makes a point about how the blogosphere has been quiet recently, how bloggers don't seem to be blogging. This has got me thinking. Why don't I blog as much as I want to? Ideally I'd blog about most things, to encourage conversation. There maybe something in my daily life that amuses someone who reads this blog (for there are people) and that could begin some conversation in my comments. That's what I see this blog for, as well as for getting things off my chest.

So why do'nt I blog as much as I want to?

My answer is simply time.

I don't have enough of it.

Which is strange because, compared to people who work 'proper' hours (9-5) I have more free time than others. I'm usually up at 10 or 11am andI don't go to work until 5:35 (although this week has been a weelk of overtime so I've been doing 42.5 hours instead of 35 as usual). However, something that stems from childhood, I like to have LOTS to do. And boy do I have lots. I've got a waiting list of DVDs/books to watch/read that are already on my bookcases. I've just treated myself to Mortal Kombat Deception and Soul Caliber 2 on Xbox (despite the fact that I haven't completed the other Xbox games I've got) and I've still got loads of X-Files eps to watch so I can comfertably say that "I've seen EVERY X-Files episode" (yes, I am that geeky).

So I've got a LOT to get through. And I don't manage it. Why? Because of the internet. I can spend ALL day (and it has happened once) on the internet just reading blogs and going to the websites I like to visit. The internet sucks up my free time. And by the time I've read my blogroll and got some ideas for blogging I can't write a word because my brain feels numb and I just don't have time. Then I don't bother to write because the issues will be old hat by the time I get round to them.

So I just doin't blog, I choose to spend my free time on other pursuits. It's my own fault. I've got so much stuff, as pointed out above, that I'm actually starting to feel guilty about buying anything else. Because I've got stuff that I've bought previously to finish off. So I try to work my way through my 'to-do' list of fun and I don't have time for blogging.

Despite the fact that I enjoy composing a blog post; it gets my brain going and that doesn't happen enough these days.

So I'll try to blog more.

But I need more time.