July 29, 2007

Blogathon 2007 Post 6

Oooh, goodie, MPYR just played Dixie Chicks giving me something else to talk about:

I love this band. MPYR just played Not Ready To Make Nice which they wrote (I think) after controversy stirred up when Natalie said she was ashamed they came from the same US State as George Bush. As a result many stations don't play they're music. The pressure they must have been under I can't even imagine but they didn't give in. They wrote what they wanted to write and are still going. Also, as this song shows, they write GREAT music. I'll leave the link up for the thon then take it down:

05-Goodbye Earl.mp3

Have a listen, think about the points being raised, then laugh at the absurdity of the song. Great song. The video, if you can find it, is also awesome. Great, upbeat country/pop. :)

Oh, and Blackiceburn answered the trivia entry on post number 4