July 24, 2007

Blogathon a few days away!

Only a few more days until the Blogathon:

blogathon logo


I've just noticed that both Livejournal.com and Photobucket.com are playing up for me, hope this doesn't continue, that could make the 'thon (where I'm blogging to support the amazing work of the NSPCC) a pain in the rear-end.

Just a reminder that I'm on schedule B which, for us GMT people, is 5am Sunday 29th until 5am Monday 30th. Then I'm going to sleep all day Monday, go to work at 6, home at 1 and sleep all day Tuesday, go to work at 6, home at 1 and sleep all day Wednesday which is my day off. That's the plan but I bet it doesn't work like that!

Anyways, boys and girls, I've decided that for the thon I'm going to have my usual nonsense (where-in I babble about DVDs, life etc) and quizzes, trivia questions and such. I'll make some (probably lame) graphics to announce champions and such like. It'll be good fun and all for charity.

My Mum thinks I'm mad for doing this. I do too actually as it's going to screw my sleep schedule up for a while. Still, that's the fun of it isn't it? :)

Good luck to all you 'thoners (if that's what the collective is known as), I've commented on some of your blogs to say 'hey' so feel free to say 'hey' here too or via any of the IM solutions that you like (comment and I'll add you type thing).

Right, I need sleep now, I'm at work at 8am and want to get to the post office to grab some DVDs beforehand.