July 25, 2007

More blogathon stuffs, yes I'm cheeky, no I'm not ashamed! :D

Just a quickie, posting some stuff about Blogathon 2007 that I'm doing this Sunday at 5am (GMT). Yes it's a daily reminder. Yes I'm asking for money. I apologise to anyone who's offended but I want to do my best to help my charity now I know I'm doing it for sure!

Blogging For: NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Why I chose my charity:

I survived a broken home but it's affected me in a large way and, compared to some of the stuff I've seen, heard and read about (especially during my 3 months working for Social Services here in England) shows that, whilst I suffered through some really dark times, other children suffer (and are suffering) through much, much worse. I can't even begin to describe some of the cases I know about. These children need all the help they can get but with Councils watching budgets very carefully it's up to charities to work hard to make up the shortfall. That's what the NSPCC does, including running it's Freephone Childine service for children to ring and find a sympathetic voice. Amazing work, just amazing.

My plans for blogathon:

I've got LOADS of ideas, there'll probably be no real structure though (but I'll try). Lots of quizzes, from "who said this quote?" to "identify what/who is in this blurred picture" and song lyric games. I've ambitions to write (but not yet had the confidence/dedication to finish a story) so there will be lots of scenes/ideas from stories that are bouncing around my head, I'll probably write more about the NSPCC and I've contacted the NSPCC to see if I can have some stuff to send out to people as prizes or just for literature.

Incentive for donating

Donate at least £1 (or $1) and you can ask me anything and I'll respond on webcam (I can do videos or over IM). I'll also do silly things and take photos/video footage for people who pledge at least £2.50 ($5). So you'll have footage of me making a FOOL of myself AND have pledged money to charity too that will end up helping children get out of horrible situations. Go on! :D

Idea pinched from http://mommythemaid.blogspot.com/.

Link to sponsor me

Please sponsor me but following insructions on the above link. You don't need to send any money now, not until I've finished and survived the 24 hours!

Thanks for reading.